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(Formerly Special Kids Photography of America)

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Kids and adults with disabilities 

deserve beautiful portraits too!


Hearts & Lens

Hearts & Lens nonprofit organization provides training specifically designed to achieve successful results in both posed and candid photographic sessions with persons who may have disabilities commonly encountered in today's society. We also recognize the need to direct special attention to senior citizens.

H&L provides targeted knowledge, skills, and tools that are adaptive and beneficial during every photo session that may present unique challenges.

Posted on this website is a list of photographers who have completed the unique Hearts & Lens training. 

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Learn how to have successful photo sessions with disabled children



Create Candid or Studio Photos with Adults who have Disabilities

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Senior Citizens

Create Heritage Memories
for Generations

Check out what Hearts & Lens does

"Photo sessions had always been a source of anxiety for Jason. The [H&L trained photographer] captured wonderful images that truly enhance his self-esteem."

-- parent

"Recently at a wedding I spotted a boy who was quite restless. I later learned he has autism. I was able to capture 5 beautiful candids with smiles for the parents who were practically in tears when they received the images."

-- photographer

"I was blown away by the drive and compassion this organization [formerly Special Kids Photography] and its members have. We are proud to be associated with [them]."

-- Kelly Mondora
F.J. Westcott Co. (former) President

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