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Hearts and Lens specialized photographic training is available by ordering educational text and illustrations sent digitally. Accreditation Training course and benefits are listed on our Shopping page

LIVE training can be arranged by contacting
Hearts & Lens directly to arrange a date. On Demand
in-person training is held in Southern CA (Temecula).

Six or more participants are required for training workshops outside Southern CA. 


A quick learning process is generally required in beginning a session with a disabled child. They are all different in unique ways. This boy was easily distracted. Various tools can be used to encourage attention. 


The photographer in this session was able to get good results with the plastic "bonker" toy. The caveat is that the child may become fixated with a toy and not want to part with it (if he gets a hold of it). Maintain order. Promise to allow "play time" after the photo session is over. 

Photo Standards

Careful attention must be give to photographic industry standards as put forth by Professional Photographers of America (PPA)
• Proper exposure
• Lighting
• Accurate focus
• Composition
• General technical excellence

Also consider this:
• Impact
• Creativity
• Center of interest
• Story telling
• Consideration of child's ability/disability

Submit only your BEST WORK!

Grants for Training Available

Photographers who have a child with a disability are considered for training grant eligibility. Please inquire

Hearts & Lens
Accreditation Training

Hearts & Lens offers accreditation and posting of those qualifying photographers on this website. The skills you learn will not only put you at ease in photo sessions with disabled and elderly persons, but will provide you with essential tools that work with ALL children and adults. The H&L specially researched and adapted training is available on easy-to-follow pdf files and is accompanied by a beneficial Study Guide. 

Here is how accreditation works: 

  1. Study the material provided by Hearts & Lens

  2. Contact H&L to take a test on material provided

  3. Submit 4 of your photographs of disabled or elderly persons for review. Follow accepted photographic standards listed below. If your photos are not accepted by H&L at that time, you will be given the opportunity for do-overs. 

Hearts and Lens Training Includes:

  • Characteristics of commonly-encountered disorders 

  • Unique methods for photographing individuals with various conditions

  • Communication skills

  • Posing

  • Lighting: Type of preferred natural or studio lighting

  • Props

  • Attention-getters

  • Sensitivity training

  • Sounds

  • Clothing options and changes of clothing

  • Preferred terminology to use with disabled community

  • Over 100 beautiful sample images 

  • Seizures and other unanticipated occurrences 

  • Backgrounds

  • Medical conditions and hospital shoots

  • Much, much more!

Hearts & Lens
Accredited Photographers

Hearts & Lens accredited photographers may be accessed on this website. It should be noted that although H&L accreditation exemplifies an indication of specialized increased skills and understanding, it is not a guarantee that a particular photographer is right for every assignment. Photographers should be interviewed and their work reviewed prior to engagement for an actual photo session. Although H&L provides information on how to adapt certain photographic techniques (lighting, for example) to achieve success in a photo session we do not teach basic photographic skills. H&L expects an accredited photographer's portraits reflect a professional level of skills and achievement but does not endorse nor accept responsibility for any photographer who has completed H&L training.

Wheelchair Athlete

Benefits of 
Accreditation with Hearts & Lens

The Trainee Receives

  • Enrollees in the Hearts & Lens course receive educational and sensitivity training that allows them to be more comfortable with disabled children, adults as well as the elderly. The big plus is that the training also helps the photographer to be more comfortable with all their clients.

  • Receive a Letter of achievement.

  • Receive a digital file of the Hearts & Lens logo with "Accredited Photographer" added, which must be used appropriately on website or marketing material.

  • Accreditation allows a photographer's contact info to be posted on the Hearts & Lens website.


Responsibilities of Applicants

  • Applicant must realize that approval by Hearts & Lens does not absolve applicant from basic management, ethical business practices, and a responsibility to provide excellent service

  • Hearts & Lens, its board of directors, and staff are to be held blameless for the way a photographer conducts their business.

  • Hearts & Lens does not warranty, guarantee, or provide in any way, responsibility for a photographer's business practice, interaction with clients, or products/services produced.

Our gratitude to Saal Digital for sponsoring this Training Page


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