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Poster example that was used by a nonprofit in the Seattle area. Photography by Hearts & Lens-trained Kerri Kirshner.

How to Give Back

Hearts & Lens training gives ideas on how to Give Back, in other words, how to use unique talents for bringing happiness to families of children or adults who may have a disability, serious illness or in need of a beautiful "Life Lived Long" photograph of an elderly parent or dear one. 

  • Display your "Life Lived Long" images at a senior center and offer your services.

  • During Down Syndrome Awareness Day is March 21. Create a photo display at your local library.

  • April 2 is Autism Awareness Day. Create a community display of your images of children with autism or autism spectrum disorders. 

  • National People with disabilities Day is Dec. 3

  • Provide images for local and national campaigns.

  • Learn about the many other opportunities to provide awareness and advocate for the disabled. 

Thanks to those who support Hearts & Lens

Our heart-felt gratitude to those who help Hearts & Lens touch families
through photographers who  care. Thanks to all the photographers who contributed images to the Hearts  & Lens website as well as social media.

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