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Enjoy these beautiful people

Displayed on this page are just a few portraits of persons representing those who may present challenges to a photographer.  These are people who deserve beautiful portraits but are sometimes overlooked or forgotten. The work shown here is by photographers listed on our Photographer page. These are just a few images out of hundreds in our archives. We hope you enjoy their work and the spirit of persons whose images are portrayed here.


*Hearts  & Lens nonprofit organization lists photographers as a resource, because they have completed the training course but neither recommends nor vets any of the photographers listed. They are for reference only. Check our photographer training page for details. 

Image format has been altered to fit gallery size. Our apologies to the photographers.

Images by Hearts & Lens Photographers

Children by H&L-trained Photographers

Adults with Disabilities by H&L-trained Photographers

Senior Citizens by H&L-trained Photographers

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